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Open Wounds


Open Wounds

Bad cuts are known as wounds and can be classified into a number of different types, according to the object that caused the wound. The types of open wound are:
Incisions or incised wounds - caused by a clean, sharp-edged object such as a knife, a razor or a glass splinter.
Lacerations - Irregular wounds caused by a blunt impact to soft tissue which lies over hard tissue (e.g. laceration of the skin covering the skull) or tearing of skin and other tissues such as caused by childbirth. Lacerations may show bridging, as connective tissue or blood vessels are flattened against the underlying hard surface. Commonly misused in reference to injury with sharp objects, which would not display bridging (connective tissue and blood vessels are severed).
Abrasions - a superficial wound in which the topmost layers of the skin (the epidermis) are scraped off, often caused by a sliding fall onto a rough surface.
Puncture wounds - caused by an object puncturing the skin, such as a nail or needle.
Penetration wounds - caused by an object such as a knife entering the body.
Gunshot wounds - caused by a bullet or similar projectile driving into or through the body. There may be two wounds, one at the site of entry and one at the site of exit.

Any significant wound requires medical attention. Very frequently the open wound will involve a joint, bone, tendon, or ligament and an Orthopedic Surgeon should be seen for definitive treatment. It is imperative that the Orthopedic Surgeon is seen urgently so that the proper treatment can be rendered in a timely manner to avoid potential problems and complications down the road. Dr. Biehl has treated thousands of wounds. He has had the training and experience necessary to handle the most difficult wounds.

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