Throw Ins2

Option 1- The ball is thrown the line. Try to throw over top into space. The offensive player trys to shield the defender.

Option 2- The Right forward moves towards the thrower and brings in defenders clearing space for a diagonal run for the Center forward.

Option 3- The second option is covered and the Attacking midfielder makes a run into an empty space towards goal. Note that the other players shield a lane for him to take the ball to goal.

Option 4- The other options are heavily guarded and a hard throw back to the Right defender is made. When the ball is thrown back. We know that the ball will be switched to the opposite field. The Right defender passes to the goalie, who passes to the Left defender who gets level with the edge of the penalty box (Just like a kick off). The Left midfielder gets to the sideline to receive the pass and then 2 touches it down the line.
OG Throw in back to