Quizz 6


A- Play On or Foul not called because fouled team might score or now has advantage.

  107GoalKick A- Penalty Kick - Points to marker
102PlayOn B- Direct Free Kick - Points in direction of kick.   108ThrowIn B- Goal Kick - Asst Ref
103DirectKick C- Corner Kick   109CornerKick2 C- Offsides

D- Caution or Expulsion
Referee holds Yellow card Or Red card
above' head'.

  110Offsides D- Substitution
105GoalKicka E- Indirect Free Kick   111PenaltyKick E- Corner Kick
106CornerKick F- Goal Kick   112Substitiution F- Throw In - Points in direction of attacking team that won the ball. (Which way the ball is going.)