On our set goal kick play:
77) The defenders are lined up 12 yards from end line T F
78) The forwards are on the midfield line T F
79) The wide midfielders should be 40 yards out from end line T F
80) The wide F and D should as wide as the edge of the penalty box T F
81) The 2nd pass should be to the wide midfielder T F
82) The wide midfielder acts as a wall passer T F

Throw in play 1,2,3,4.
83) Option 1 is to the wide forward down the line T F
84) Option 2 is to a center midfielder T F
85) Option 3 switches the field of play T F
86) Option 4 is a waste of time and should be seldom used T F

We have won a free kick 40 yards out and the kicker calls play “21”
87) “21” means that the kick will be struck over the defensive line to the left T F
88) He wants the forwards to go wide so that he can pass it to them T F
89) He wants the other center midfielder to play a 2 on 1 and then cross T F

When we take a corner kick:
90) We prefer out swingers T F
91) We move up one of our large defenders into the black hole T F.
92) Usually will have our outside midfielder take the kick T F
93) Try to play the ball to the far post T F
94) Have our 2 CM’s as arc players T F

When we defend a corner kick:
95) The outside mid closest to the ball acts as the bullet player T F
96) We have our RD on our R post and the LD on the L post T F
97) Have out RCM, CD, and LCM all at the front of the goal box T F
98) When we send the bullet player, we leave our far post empty T F
99) We place our CF high on the sideline closest to the kick T F
100) We place our RF and LF at the top of the penalty box T F