Coach Biehl Soccer Quiz1

1) Your forward F has made a run down the left flank into the crossing zone. He is now ready to cross the ball. In which position should you be in, at the time he is striking the ball, to receive the cross?3-4-3 goal kick

a) Position 2 because you are in a good position to perform a header.
b) Position 1 because you want to be as close to the goal as possible.
c) Position 3 because you will be moving forward to receive the cross and will then be able to strike the ball with power.
d) Position 1 because of the potential photo shot.


2) You are the right forward and have received the ball in open space. Your first touch was forward to goal and you have a step on the nearest defender. The second defender is also chasing you. You should:

a) Beat the defenders with your dribble to the penalty spot and rip a shot at quiz photo
b) Slow the ball down to let your other teammates catch up.
c) Take the ball quickly to the crossing zone and cross the ball to the penalty spot.
d) Drop the ball back to a midfielder to “set things up” for a better opportunity.





quiz1c  3 ___    6 yard line
 4 ___    center circle
 5 ___    end line
 6 ___    goal
 7 ___    goal box
 8 ___    mid line
 9 ___    penalty box
10 ___   side line
11 ___   spot for corner kick
12 ___   spot for kick off
13 ___   spot for penalty kick
14 ___   the 18