Defending Corners

Defending a corner kick. This is just a general guideline. Every offensive player must be immediately man-marked. You prevent a forward run and stay between the player and the ball. We need to double with Datin their best header. Travis should be in the area of the black hole. We need to shield the goalie. We typically have 9 defenders versus 7 attacking players.

If a second offensive player goes to the corner, the man marking him also goes to the corner.

defending corners


Counter attack!! As soon as Caleb calls for the ball, the center forward sprints to the sideline. Caleb throws the ball out to him. When he receives the ball, he has 2 options. 1. The defenders chase him- he crosses to the empty space in the center of the field. Billy should be sprinting up the middle to run onto the ball. 2. The defenders do not chase him- he dribbles to the crossing zone and crosses the ball.

defending corners2