Set Plays3

3-4-3 Goal Kick Late Cross. Note the Right defender is played the ball. 2-touched to Right midfielder who is checking to the ball on the side line. The Right forward checks to the ball and sets up a wall pass for the Right midfielder who dribbles forward down the line. Since the sweeper does not challenge early, the ball is advanced into the crossing zone for a cross. The Left forward crosses with the Center forward and goes to the near post. The Center forward runs to the Penalty spot and the Left Midfielder covers the far post area while the Attacking midfielder covers the arc.

Always challenge for the ball in the air. Do not just watch the ball be played by the opponent or hit the ground.

free kicks zones

Free Kicks-This is a general guideline.
Zone 1 (up to 30 yards from goal) is a Corner play, Shot on goal, or a trick play shot on goal.
Corner play is run like a corner.
Shot on goal or trick play- Two inside midfielders set up over the ball. Two numbers are called. The first number is which player is going to kick the ball 1 or 2. The second number is where at the shot is going to go on frame (1-Left post, 2- at goalie, 3- R post). "1, 1" would be first player shooting at the L post. "2,2" is second player striking at the goalie.

Zone 2 is split up into 1-played to the L post, 2-played at goalie, 3-played to the R post. These balls are chipped over their defensive line. We will chose a “bullet man” to be the player who goes after the ball. The bullet man will get a running start and the other players will pick him free so he can get his head on the ball.
OG Free kick zone
OG Free kick
OG Free kick
OG Free kick zone
OG Free kick zone
OG free kick zone

free kick 1

(Above) Please note the typical positioning of the players. A defender will be pushed forward to become the Bullet player. Note how free kick #1 is kicked over the line of defense towards the left post.