Set Plays2

goal kick set up

The set-up for a goal kick.

Note our positioning. The goalie has set the ball in the Right side of the goal box. The defenders are even with the 12. The Center defender is to the opposite side of the goalie, even with the far post. The Right and Left Defenders are on the edges of the penalty box. The Right and Left Midfielder are on the touchlines at the 40. The Holding midfielder is at the 30 even with the near post. The Attacking midfielder is even with the far post at the 45. The wide forwards are at the midfield line, even with the penalty box and midline. The Center midfielder is even with the midline and near post.

3-4-3 Short Goal Kick early cross. Note the RD is played the ball. 2-touched to RM who is checking to the ball on the side line. The RF checks to the ball and sets up a wall pass for the RM who pushes forward down the line. RM crosses to the 35 when he sees the sweeper committing early.


Goal Kick play #2.
The Center Forward is closely marked. He initially pushes high and then comes back to the goal kick to flick the ball forward. The Left Midfielder times his run. He needs to be onsides when the ball is being flicked on. He switches positions with the Center Forward. Note how the wide forwards shield the middle of the field. This can result in a break away up the middle.