Set Plays

Set Plays

1) Kick Offs
2) Goal Kicks
3) Free Kicks
4) Throw-Ins
5) Penalty Kicks
6) Drop Balls
7) Corner Kicks

Kick off play

Kick Offs-(Play 2 above)

Key Points: The kicker, Center forward, raises his hand to signal the play. 1 to the L. 2 to the R. 3 would be played back to the Center defender to swing ball from side to side.
Play 2 is shown (above) .  The ball is touched forward and then dropped back to the Holding Midfielder. The ball is played long (with back spin) into the corner. The ball is then crossed. Right midfielder covers the point. Center forward-near post, Attacking midfielder-arc, Left Forward-far post.

goal kick long

 2) Goal Kicks & Punts-

Key Points: For Long kicks, 1 is to the Left. 2 to the Center. 3 is to the Right. Players need to shield for position when the ball is in the air. Goalie must get the ball into the air. Offensive players must keep defenders from heading the ball back into our half of the field. Try to flick the ball forward. Hitting the ball back to our own goalie is a major error.  Note how the goalie is kicking to area 3 and the offensive players have been able to shield the ball.