The initial goal of the offense is to get the ball wide, send the ball down the flanks, get into the crossing zone and cross the ball to the PS. With time we will learn to score off these plays. However, the most important aspect of switching fields and attacking the crossing zones is that it will spread out the defense by giving us width and length to the offense. Once the defense is spread out, it is much easier to attack up the middle.

Misconception. Many players think that once they have a step on their defender in the flank area, that they should take the ball to goal because they have beaten their defender. It is an optical illusion. Because of the angle, the defender has an 8 yard advantage and will catch you (Below).

You do not have the defense beat!! You will only get run down by a defender with the proper angle. You will also drag too many defenders into the scoring zone area and make it so congested that you are unlikely to score (below).