The field can be divided into thirds. Defensive, middle, and attacking thirds. In our defensive 3rd we try to play very conservatively. One and two touch play. We do not hold onto the ball. When in doubt, kick it out!!! In our 3-4-3 system, our defenders never get into the offensive third. They would never do an overlaping run. They would never push forward and have a midfielder cover for them. They are strictly defenders and their responsibility is to keep balls out of the scoring zone. The attacking third is where you could take a player on 1v1 or try a fancy combo pass, heel pass, or flick on.



Offensive strategy

What to do on offense with the ball? (above)
Zone A is the crossing zone. Cross to the penalty spot (PS). If you have beaten the defense, you should cross without hesitation. That will catch the defense running back toward their own goal before they have had time to set up. You are much more likely to score if the defense is running toward their own goal. Cross to the PS!!!
Zone B-the centering zone is too acute an angle for a shot on goal (you will miss or side net). You should center to the PS in this area.
Zone C- the scoring zone- 90% of all goals are scored in this area. Shoot on frame!!!.
Zone D- the bending zone. Bend a shot into the far post.