Defense 3

In our 3-4-3 we want to have high pressure. That means that we immediately pressure the ball if we loose it at any area of the field. Every player must play high pressure in order to prevent gaps in the defense.

In a low pressure defense, a defense would retreat when they loose the ball and attempt to defend (for example) starting at the midfield line.

General rules of defense:

  1. Immediate pressure on the ball. That means that whoever is closest to the ball immediately trys to win the ball back.
  2. Try to force the man with the ball to the non-dominant foot. That is typically the left foot.
  3. If the opponent is receiving the ball facing his own goal, get on his back and do not let him turn with the ball. A right footed player will typically turn to the defender's left to shoot. If he dribbles back to his own goal, do not leave his back. Do not let him turn with the ball. Follow him dribbling back to his own goal.
  4. In our offensive 3rd we try to force play to the center of the field so that we would have a great scoring opportunity if we win the ball. This is most important on our Left offensive 3rd because you will typically be forcing a Right footed player to pass or dribble with his Left foot.
  5. On the Right side of our offensive 3rd, if you can tell that the player is right footed, it is very easy to chase him to the sideline and let him kick left footed and put the ball out of bounds for one of our throw-ins.
  6. If the opponent gets into our middle or defensive 3rd, we want to try and force the ball wide. The forwards and midfielders have to hustle back to get behind the ball and involved in the defense.
  7. In our defensive 3rd, DEFEND THE SCORING ZONE!!!.
  8. Do not be afraid to foul near the middle of the field to prevent quick counter attacks.

Below-note how our left offensive forward is trying to force the right defender with the ball to play to the center of the field. We pressure the ball so that a turnover can occur in the purple shaded area. A turnover in that area would lead to an excellent scoring opportunity.

defending offensive 3rd