7) Corner Kicks- For corner kicks, we perfer inswingers as opposed to outswingers.

Play #1
Key Points: Inswingers (1)-CORNER KICKER- kicks ball to black hole- a bending kick, head high. The ball is flicked on by player (2) -THE HOLE-. He then turns to the goalie to get any rebounds that fall into the black hole. Player (3) -CHAOS- tries to help free up player (2) then moves to goalie to distract him, get in his way and keep him from running to the ball. Players (4 & 5)-ROSA TEAM- work together to try to get a header in the area of the zona rosa. Player (6)- THE GARBAGE MAN- covers the far post. It is his job to make sure no ball gets through. Players 7 & 8) –ARC TEAM- are looking for a loose ball one or two touch shot. Consider shooting at own players. Players (9 & 10) are providing double coverage on offensive player at midfield.

penalty kick


Play #2
Key Points
: Same as Play #1 except player (RD) moves to the corner. A wall pass is made to player (IM) MUST BE ON HE GROUND!!. Player (IM) quickly provides a cross to the far post to player CF. Player (LF) is -CHAOS-. Players (RF) and (LM) pick off defenders to the near post and block off the CF's defender.. The purpose of the wall pass is to simply to give the corner kicker a better angle for his corner kick. Player (IM) can not play the ball back to player (RD). A good team will trap offsides as soon as RD passes back to (IM). If player (RD) is not open when his run is made, player (IM) simply takes his corner kick.