Coach Biehl's Beliefs

My goal for the team is to play excellent Team Soccer. To play truly great soccer, the team has to be more than a group of great individual players. They have to play great as a team. It does no good to be the best player on a team that plays poorly.

Soccer is a world sport, I expect great competition during practice so the players can become the best they can be. I want every player on the team to improve throughout the season and to push each other toward improving to their maximum potential. If your goal is to be the best juggler on the team and you juggle 40 and the next highest player juggles 35, you are the best juggler. However, the situation would be better if you were the only player on the team that could not juggle to 100. You would then push yourself beyond your limit of 40 and reach a goal that you did not think possible. My goal as coach is to create this competitive cauldron where all players benefit, pushing each other beyond their known limits.

Soccer is about acceleration, not speed. Tests like the ten, twenty and forty yard dash are actually tests of acceleration rather than speed. You only need to look at world-class sprinters to realize that top speed is not even achieved until approximately 60 meters. For soccer players my interest is not in top speed but in acceleration, like zero to sixty in the auto world. Frequently, the wrong term is used when discussing soccer training. How an athlete accelerates will determine success in soccer, not their absolute speed. To help achieve better acceleration I will emphasize sled training, sprint techniques and foot speed as opposed to distance running.

I believe that if a player is good enough to make our varsity team, and they continue to work hard and behave appropriately at practice, then, the player deserves playing time in the games.

It does not matter who scores the goal. It is team play. The team scores the goal. The best part of a play may have occurred 5 seconds before the shot was ever taken.

My goal is to develop soccer players that can excel on the varsity team. What is learned from this experience should help them in life after high school. Winning is not the only thing. Pride, confidence, dedication, sacrifice, hard work, physical fitness, mental toughness, sportsmanship, teamwork and leadership are what I emphasize.