3-4-3 Theory

We are playing 3-4-3 with an attacking and holding midfielder. The strength of this offense is that we have 3 forwards and will typically push 2 additional players into the attack. This gives us a lot of players in the offensive end and should lead to frequent scoring. Our weakness is that we only have 3 defenders. This makes us susceptible to balls kicked long over the top. To prevent long balls, we need 100% defensive effort from our forwards and midfielders. When our players are defending at an all out pace, it prevents the other team from staging in the back and serving long balls. The opponent’s defenders are frequently not used to this much pressure while they have the ball. This leads to a rushed, chaotic offense on their part. They will frequently miss-hit the ball resulting in frequent turn-overs. Turn-overs in their defensive 3rd will lead to our offensive scores. Our formation will force rapid play. I feel that this type of play has many benefits for the team:
I demand 100% pace of the players on the field. They learn to play at a faster pace then what most players are use to. To play at this pace we will need to substitute frequently in order to keep our players fresh.
The defense is exposed and this will result in a lot of 1v1 defending in critical situations. Our defenders are up to the challenge.
Since both defenses are under a lot of pressure, there is more action, decision making, passing, and set plays that will take place. These should be enjoyable games to watch.

Below-Basic 3-4-3 in goal kick formation

3-4-3 goal kick